Home Is Where the Heart Is

Where you scared that first night on the street?
C: Not really.
T: It’s life.

Los Angeles has the largest single group of unsheltered people in the US. It is currently focused on providing permanent housing to the homeless, despite the fact that the city has a severe shortage of low-income housing. (Source: Los Angeles Times) “T”, a young woman suffering from epilepsy and diagnosed with homelessness-related PTSD, is racing against the clock to secure a future off of the streets for her, her wife “C”, and their three dogs before her housing voucher expires in three months’ time.

Though both only 28, T and C’s life as a couple on the streets spans over two decades and across the expanse of Los Angeles. In the multimedia project Home Is Where the Heart Is, their experience of homelessness–as well as the resulting disenfranchisement, determination, and close-knit community–is told through their own words and Kim’s reflections across an online map of the city.

This project was made possible through the Mental Health & Wellbeing Grant from the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health and California Mental Health Services Authority.


  • Home Is Where the Heart Is: Living in the Street of Los Angeles
    Solo exhibition at LSH CoLAB, Los Angeles
    June 15 – July 6, 2018
  • HOME: Life in Transition
    Part of group show at Exhale Unlimited, Los Angeles
    October 2018


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